HR Transformation

Extracting from my presentation in APAC HR LEADERS SYMPOSIUM I suggested that ”  HR leaders should balance their portfolio of services and  adding  value by upgrading HR capabilities to align the HR portfolio  with their company’s strategic objectives for the purpose of gaining a unique competitive advantage from capital invested core competencies areas. I am glad a friend, Dr Shaker Mustafa response to my suggestion and caution me that there are more areas that need to explore. Further more he commented…. 

we have to make it clear that what is meant by capacity because capacity is subjected to capability. The unlimited resource to a person is the capability. Capability, the hidden dimension in the person includes social emotional development and cognitive development. ” Ways of meaning making and of making sense of the self, others, and the world –what grounds capacities and competences, and determines their USE”. One of the elements that is part of transformation is PROCESS thought form. There are 8 process thought forms, one of them is ” unceasing change or movement or what we call “Unceasing movement, negativity”: and in clarifying “Unceasing movement, negativity  he wrote further ” self-conscious expression or explicit assertion of unceasing change (inside and outside) as basic to human existence. Awareness of past and future in the present. Sense of negativity: what IS is always drifting toward non being and transformation, and comprises hidden dimensions”.

             Yes I agree with him,  this short write-up can open more windows to examine. In response, I republished his writings here so everybody else can comment and hopefully there is follow-up discussion. May be Dr shaker would like to just continue to explain further as a way of opening the windows…… your response please….. DMY


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