Building Capacity for Business Transformation

As suggested in my earlier posting, transformation should be led by mindset shifting as prerequisite. In the competitive environment of today businesses must have the ability to enhance their capacity in generating transformation. Developing capacity becoming  strategic focus  for present businesses to gain competitive advantage. In this respect management gurus began to introduce new concept and strategies. For whatever they want to put forward there are needs to upgrade competencies of human resources in strategic core business area

Whats is competency refer to?…  it was defined differently by different people. However we can simplified the matters concern to the ability of people to performed driven by 3 interrelated human internal element,  i.e personality, knowledge and skill or expertise. Building competency mean the interventions applied in enhancing people ability in performing given task… or what they terms it as Human capital investment… sorry for over simplifying.

They said business not as usual anymore although doing business is still required the same essential factor, capital. However capital not only derived from financial asset or properties or any other form of tangible asset… it also can be the intangible such as human capital, inclusive of  intellectual capital, interaction capital, knowledge and organizational ability …. so its mean to say that businesses can turn their Human Resources as source of fund or funding.

Now, this is the time  to shift our mindset  in HR perspective from  management of human resources to Human Capital Employment AND from HR productivity enhancement to value creation or value generation.

Capitalization of Human Asset required transformation in Human Resource Management itself. HR practitioner should no longer performing traditional HR function of scope and functional engagement but should be geared their afford in developing core competencies to enhance capacity in business Key Result Area and Managing sustainability of revenue stream, leveraging on knowledge management ability, possibly in it tacit form to gain competitive advantage.


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