transformational leadership

  I believe to success in the competitive field business has to shift focus in enhancing their capacity by building core competency in the area of their strengh. In making things happen they need strong leadership to drives their human capital in generating value . Off cource this is a tall order in anticipating Challenges business Leaders has to face at strategic and operational level such as :                                                     

                 – Keeping staff motivated 

                 – Performance of individuals and team

                 – Maintaining consistency

                 – Inspiring staff  and Engaging staff

                 –  Keeping the change

                 –  Building and sustaining cross-functional team

                –  Be fair and to the stake-holder

                –  Admit vulnerabilities (mistakes)

Thats the lesson I learn from ICFMy last symposium. In this respect the leader should be able to function as a Mentor and Coach. One can easilly understand leader as a mentor because they the best person to share the experience and knowledge. As a coach they may not as effective due to boss-subordinate relationship.  In order to appreciate this see whats coaching is all about. WK Leong define coaching as,  ‘ a specialized form of collaborative conversation where the coach uses     listening, questioning, acknowledging and challenging to help his coachee’s leverage on their own personal knowledge, experience and wisdom to achieve a given goal through new perspectives, enthusiasm and personal ownership to results.’

    The leader should  effectively share the Organization goals to make people fully understand whats being shared upon and feel that they are parts of them. It is important the leader taking charge and put value added to make people realize the difference. You must know the value of capital that you have, in this respect the human resources. If you cannot value, how can you manage your inventory in order to budget your capital needed for your operation. Being human people wanna see that you care. People dont like to be lonely and felt left out.

    I do belief that coaching and mentoring is a part of the process  of transforming people. They say transformation starts in oneself. People reluctant to change because they are comfortable in whats they have and not prepare to take trouble out of changes created. There for they should be prepare mentally. Transforming people must began with mindset transformation. we talk about this a little bit later…… see you 



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