About HR transformation

In a paper presenting to APAC HR leaders symposium in KL recently, I suggest the businesses shifting their competitive strategies towards resources based from financial and market centric. They should shift  paradigm and leveraging investment in enhancing capacity using their strength in core competencies to gain benefit from the intangible. They should employ human capital strategically in line with business strategy in developing  capabilities for growth. Building core competency and strategically managing knowledge especially in tacit form is good strategic choice rather than allocating a big sum of their financial resources in technology investment alone

Developing and managing Inventory of  Human Resources portfolio in core competency areas are essential to realize optimum gain from human capital investment. Leveraging on human asset   capitalization in form of interaction & networking, organization & structuring and turning tacit knowledge into value adding product and services surely can speed up the processes of  learning for growth and expansion. Employing knowledge and human capital is an added advantage for  the businesses to gain the speed needed in switching strategies and left their competitors still going around sourcing for new technologies and knowhow.  Availability of competency in core area can Speed up the transformation of core services.

Most business may not realize the HR capital strategic potential and the impact of inventory turnover in generating value unless it can continue to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of HR products and services. • HR leaders should balance their portfolio of services and programs, adding  HR capabilities and  manage their portfolio in the ways that will align it with the company’s strategic objectives.  Human Capital can be turn to a unique competitive advantage for the company if the capital invested in core competencies areas contributing  most to overall business goals.


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  1. Dr. Shaker Mustafa says:


    En. Dagang we have to make it clear that what is meant by capacity because capacity is subjected to capability. The unlimited resource to a person is the capability. Capability, the hidden dimension in the person includes social emotional development and cognitive development.
    ” Ways of meaning making and of making sense of the self, others, and the world –what grounds capacities and competences, and determines their USE”.
    One of the elements that is part of transformation is PROCESS thought form. There are 8 process thought forms, one of them is ” unceasing change or movement or what we call “Unceasing movement, negativity”:

    “Unceasing movement, negativity

    Unselfconscious expression or explicit assertion of unceasing change (inside and outside) as basic to human existence. Awareness of past and future in the present. Sense of negativity: what IS is always drifting toward non being and transformation, and comprises hidden dimensions”.

    En. Dagang there are more areas that need to explore.

    I hope this short write up can open more windows to examine.

    Dr. Shaker

    • dmy56 says:

      Thanks dr. for such encouraging comment. As you may well aware I am yet exploring anything just put foward a few general statement. This sort of writing just merely a light note cos i still need to put some finding from my reseach and part experiment still underway some under construction… I do for the purpose of to get some influencer comment from fellow HR practioner….. Thank bro you gimme some light to ponder

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